Gelato 4ever – HF180 + 2 Bricks Fiordilatte & Strawberry


1 Machine HKOENIG – “HF180”

2 Bricks of Gelato 4ever (Fiordilatte and Strawberry) for free.

VAT included.

Free Shipping cost for Italy.


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Disponibilità: Esaurito

Capacity: 1 L.

Pre-Freeze: No.

Removable basket: stainless steel.

Preparation time: 30 minutes.

Power: 135 W.

Display: LCD


For a better results put in action the machine 5 minutes before pouring the Gelato 4ever product, in order to pre-cool the basin.
Use the lid to prevent the cold from dispersing.
It is also advised not to completely fill the bowl so as to ensure a shorter preparation time and to prevent the ice cream escapes during the process.