Gelato 4ever is a company 100% Italian based on a product 100% Italian too, gluten free, easy to prepare and handy to store.

It’s a real revolution in the way of thinking gelato but moreover its quality because avoid of chemical ingredients: in fact the main ingredient is cow milk coming directly from Italian farms.

Just pour the product inside any ice-cream machine, professional batch freezer, kitchen robot or mixer and in few minutes you can taste our artisan gelato; it’s like having a gelato chef always with you.

Furthermore storing the bricks of Gelato 4ever is very easy: the product lasts for 1 year from the day of production and it resists intact, without losing its properties, until 30 degrees.

Gelato 4ever it’s a company entirely dedicated to the evolution of the gelato field and to its spread; the mixture is ready to pour, 100% Italian, produced and packaged in order to keep intact the typical quality of an artisanal laboratory but treated with modern methods of sterilization that make the composition secure and homogeneous for 12 months.

Get rid of the cold chain and store Gelato 4ever anywhere you want at room temperature, thanks to our process of production that makes possible to conserve in any brick the properties, the taste, the quality and the tradition of real Italian gelato, reducing drastically the time of preparation.

Proud of Italian agriculture and of it products, we guarantee a high quality milk just like the other selected raw materials, coming from the best Italian agricultural firms.

Gelato 4ever cares about your health and wishes to give you the happiness only a tasty gelato can give, without hydrogenated fats and preservatives.

The Mission of Gelato 4ever is to offer everyone the opportunity to prepare in complete autonomy and in a very short time the true Italian artisan Gelato respecting its qualities, taste and tradition.

Our aim is to be the major seller of gelato by 2023, through the three big markets: HOME, HORECA and FRANCHISING. We want to develop the globally, growing up uniformly in year by year without forgetting our values of honesty, quality and transparency with the consumer.

   12 months shelf life, thanks to its treatment of sterilization.

    Ready in a few minutes.

 Genuine milk, controlled by a quality team, harvested and treated in few hours from the milking.

   Without hydrogenated fats, preservatives, GMO and gluten free.

   Easy to prepare! Gelato 4ever is ready to pour.

   Italian and natural raw materials.

 Storable at room temperature.

   Reduces the costs of energy, maintenance and labor. Reduces the wastes, producing only the quantity needed.

 Gelato 4ever is eco friendly because it reduces the consumption of water in the process of preparation.

Do you want to save money?

Order 4 or more Bricks and the shipping in italy is free!

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