Brick Raspberry


Ice-Cream ready to make.

1 Brick of 1L = 1,130KG of Gelato

The shelf life in normal conditions of storage of the product is 12  months from the date of packaging (until opened).

When the brick is opened for the firts time, the Gelato must be consumed best before the next five days.

NB: VAT 10%

Available: Out of stock

Storage in a cold and dry place. Once the package is opened, the product should be used quickly and stored in a refrigerator at +4°C.

Pour the product, even at room temperature, in any accumulator batch freezer or with compressor and wait 20-30 minutes. Otherwise pour the frozen product in any mixer or kitchen robot and wait the desired solidity. It’s not necessary to add other liquid or food unless you don’t want to keep the original flavor. It’s not necessary to shake the brick before use.

● Thanks to its treatment of sterilization, The Gelato has 12 months of shelf life.

● Ready in a few minutes.

● Genuine milk, controlled by a quality process.

● Without hydrogenated fats, gluten, preservatives and GMOs.

● Easy to prepare, The Gelato is ready to make.

● Italian and natural raw materials.

● Storage at room temperature.

● Reduces energy, maintenance and labor costs. Reduces waste, producing only the quantities that you need.

● Gelato 4ever helps the environment by reducing the consumption of water in its processing.

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